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Why Falling Off the Wagon is a Good Thing

Can I confess something?fall-off-the-wagon

For the past 2 weeks, I have been struggling with my wellness. Somewhere along the way my stress management faltered and I have reverted back to old behaviours like: comfort eating; thinking negative thoughts; harbouring self-doubt and self-criticism; loosing sleep and more.

To use the popular phrase, I have ‘fallen off the wagon‘. Continue reading


Grains Are More Than Just Rice and Wheat!

Thanks to for this AMAZING Infographic explaining all the different high-nutrient grains out there, including their nutritional data, cooking instructions, storing requirements and more! Continue reading

Wellness Mission is Officially on Facebook!

Good sunny Saturday afternoon to you!

This is just a quick post to share the new Wellness Mission Facebook page:
(it’s also been embedded on the blog site for easy access!  Check out the right sidebar)

I am so excited to add this element to the Wellness Mission, because I often have thoughts and interesting snippets of info I come across that don’t need a full blog post.  The Facebook page will also share any new blog posts that I make, straight to your news feed… easy!

If you have enjoyed what you have read so far, please do me a favour and like and share the new Facebook page so I can share my mission with as many people as possible.

Look out for some great new posts coming your way as well on topics like:

  • getting back on the wagon;
  • being accountable to yourself;
  • dealing with self-doubt; and
  • much more!

Thanks so much for listening and sharing Wellness Mission with me.

– Angie xo

How to Stop Worrying in 100 Words

It’s impossible to live and worry simultaneously.

Worry is what we do when our mind considers the past or future in fear. Since a worried mind is not focused on the present, it cannot enjoy daily life.

When I worry on the train ride to work, I am not experiencing my present moment (riding the train), I am engaged with my worry instead.

Living is experiencing your environment, and fully embracing the task at hand  (even if its just riding the train).

Practice being conscious with your present moment, and seek out activities that engage you in the ‘now’.

– Angie

The Importance of Positive Relationships and Why You Should Never Stop Looking

I cannot believe I have had friends now for over 10 years. That might sound a bit ordinary to the regular person, but as someone who had spent a life moving house & school (13 schools by grade 8 to be exact) it’s something I value immensely.  Growing up I never felt like I had a real group of friends, and it was lonely. Then at the age of 16 I got a job working at Wal-Mart and it was there that I met this super awesome guy named Neill, and we became friends overnight. Then I met all of his friends, and they just happened to be super awesome too! Continue reading

Weeknight ‘one-pan’ dinner – the Frittata

When you’re in a weeknight bind, just make a frittata!Frittata dinnerFrittata is just a fancy word for a dinner omelette really, but the name make its sound like you worked a bit harder (our little secret!)

Frittatas are quick, delicious, low-mess and easy on the wallet. Tonight’s frittata (pictured) was taken from my latest cookbook  Donna Hay’s Fresh & Light (which was a gift, so it’s twice as good!) Continue reading

Don’t Be Scared of the Green Smoothie

Given the raw food, high veggie and low processed food lifestyle programs, books and media, it is no surprise that Green smoothies have been steadily gaining popularity the past few years.

A few years ago I had a big stint with making smoothies (using protein powders, frozen fruit, milk etc.)  but I have never put the green in because I always assumed I wouldn’t like it. I eventually got off smoothies when I discovered juicing, but I have to admit that I’ve been a bit slack on the juicing front as well (maybe I’ll share a juice recipe soon to get inspired again). Continue reading