About Me

“About Me” seems a much too simple title for a not-so-simple topic.  Lets just say in short that I never thought I would be happy, but I am. I never thought I would love and accept myself, but that too is changing. I never thought I would find lasting health and fitness, free from obesity, but I have. I also never thought food could be just food (and not a complex emotional roller-coaster) but slowly, the impossible is becoming the possible.

Who am I?
I am a better version of me, everyday, and it’s the best feeling ever.
And I’m blogging about it.
Every epiphany,
every lesson,
every insight and
every reflection.

I love to travel. I love my dog. I love my husband. And as a very recent development, I think I am starting to love myself too.

It’s an exciting time to be me!