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OMG Coconut Oil Ganaché

So I’m busy making some sweet potato brownies for work tomorrow (will share recipe if they are a hit) and in the recipe it calls for an icing made entirely of coconut oil, dark chocolate and vanilla essence.

I popped the mixture the fridge after melting and as it cools it obviously starts to solidify – and then you whip it. It turns into this insanely fluffy, velvety ganaché. It’s frickin’ amazing!photo (2)It’s got a nice sweetness and this will pair so good with the sweet potato brownies which are intensely chocolately but not overly sweet.

When I get a chance I am going to try and vary this recipe so its 100% raw by subbing in raw cacao and honey for the chocolate and maybe swapping 1/2 the coconut oil for coconut butter. But for now, this is more than delicious and a great way to make something healthier that anyone would love.

Coconut Oil Ganaché
1 cup high quality dark chocolate melts
1/3 cup coconut oil
Tbls vanilla extract

In a small pot melt the chocolate in the oil on low heat until just melted. Take off heat, mix in vanilla and let cool. When cooled to a semi solid (as it is summer I had to put it in the fridge for this to happen) beat until fluffy and top your favourite desert/cake. Make sure to only ice your desert when it is completely cooled (ideally refrigerated) to avoid the icing melting.


– Angie

P.S. Shout out to my colleague Ivan and his fiancé Kristy for sharing this recipe with me!