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Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet / Budget / Alarm / etc?

Google “why can’t I…” and count the hits. Now sigh in relief, you’re not alone!

There are a heap of answers people give to why we don’t do what we intended (even if we really wanted to), but in my opinion it really boils down to a few key things

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What if failure was the key to success?


One of the things I have wanted to do in preparation for starting my own Personal Training business is start developing a library of one page guides that I can give to clients when they are facing common struggles/disappointments/barriers.

Today I created my first one which you can view by clicking here: What if failure was the key to success?

It’s a short lesson on why I believe people habitually fail and why this is actually a great opportunity to learn something about ourselves.

In the long run these will look sexy and professional but I am not letting myself enjoy the fun that is Photoshop (I kinda love it) until I get my study completed.  Did I mention I am not going on Facebook until I finish study either? Sometimes flexing your discipline muscle is required when you want something bad enough. Two assignments done this weekend, obviously its working!

Have a kick ass week!


Your Very Own Delicious AND Nutritious Breakfast

muesli1We often put a lot of time and energy into our dinners and lunches, but somehow the first thing we eat everyday is often the least acknowledged. I know for me this is because I am usually half asleep while eating and I have the same thing everyday so it’s nothing to get excited about.

Really, when I think about it, breakfast is the one consistent meal of the day that I see 100% as fuel and this is because Continue reading

How I Fell in Love with Exercise

Until fairly recently in my life, I was not regularly active. I hated sports and fitness growing up, and only ever considered exercise an annoying necessity to being less fat… Hmm, was it any surprise I didn’t enjoy it? Not really.

For years I went through waves of exercise activity:

  • At age 12 I signed up for my first gym because I hated my body… I lost some weight, but then moved away 6 months later and never kept it up in my new town.
  • At age 18 I signed up for a gym again, this time because I didn’t want to be fat in my prom dress… I worked out for 1.5 – 2 hours at a time, 5 times a week (sometimes at midnight). I lost some again, but of course packed all the weight back on (and then a hefty some more) after I stopped going. Continue reading

Why Falling Off the Wagon is a Good Thing

Can I confess something?fall-off-the-wagon

For the past 2 weeks, I have been struggling with my wellness. Somewhere along the way my stress management faltered and I have reverted back to old behaviours like: comfort eating; thinking negative thoughts; harbouring self-doubt and self-criticism; loosing sleep and more.

To use the popular phrase, I have ‘fallen off the wagon‘. Continue reading

The Importance of Positive Relationships and Why You Should Never Stop Looking

I cannot believe I have had friends now for over 10 years. That might sound a bit ordinary to the regular person, but as someone who had spent a life moving house & school (13 schools by grade 8 to be exact) it’s something I value immensely.  Growing up I never felt like I had a real group of friends, and it was lonely. Then at the age of 16 I got a job working at Wal-Mart and it was there that I met this super awesome guy named Neill, and we became friends overnight. Then I met all of his friends, and they just happened to be super awesome too! Continue reading