Wellness Sources

Check out my inspirational hit list of Wellness Business/Services/Websites/etc

Tribe Fitness, aka that fitness group of peeps who started me on my wellness journey. I still do weekly Personal Training sessions with the Director and Head PT Kaylene Gray in Brisbane QLD, and she keeps proving to me that there is no limit to what I can achieve! http://www.tribefitness.com.au/

Lean Clean Eating is a food, fitness and lifestyle revolution that cuts the crap and delivers an honest, personalised and human approach to being healthy and happy. Signing up with 3 months of food coaching with Adriana was THE tipping point for me in terms of my seriously messed relationship with food.  http://www.leancleaneating.com/

Bodhipaksa is a western Buddhist with a skill for creating amazing guided meditations and a voice that could soothe the most troubled soul. For the beginner I highly recommend the “Meditations for Busy People” CD which will I guarantee will get your hooked on meditation http://www.bodhipaksa.com/

I just couldn’t get into Yoga, that is until I found Atma Yoga. Lesson learned – don’t give up if you don’t find the right match, keep looking! http://www.atmayoga.com.au/

Tiny Buddha is where I head when I need to re-establish my calm after a bad morning at work http://tinybuddha.com/


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